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Dogs on the Beach (exercise time)

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Lucy and Posie on the beach, Caithness, Scotland.

I am lucky to live near outstanding beaches and take the dogs on the beach to exercise most days. If it is not on the beach then we go for a 2 mile forest walk. Having three brilliant dogs, the youngest currently 2 years old and the oldest is Jip, a collie coming up to 14 years old. It does present a bit of a challenge not to go overboard and tire out our oldest dog while playing with the two younger ones. Jip does love the beach and will run about with the two younger dogs, he loves playing with his ball. The youngest dog is a collie cross called Lucy, the middle one who is around 4 years old is a long haired Parsons Jack Russell.

Pictures below are of our dogs on the beach.

Lucy our gorgeous collie

Lucy on the beach.


Posie having a short rest.


Posie ready for playing.

Lucy our collie dog

Lucy sitting for her picture to be taken, she is one clever and gorgeous collie dog.

Lucy our collie dog

Jip, our older collie and his rather battered ball.

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Dogs in the water

We are lucky to have several lovely clean sandy beaches near where we live, our dogs just love playing in the water.







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