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Another day on the Beach - Scrabster

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Lucy - Dog on the beach at Scrabster, Caithness, Scotland.

Another lovely day and a trip to town (Thurso) to get animal feed supplies for the chickens and ducks. Of course a trip to town in our case does not mean a long trip, just 10 minutes in the car and the first stop is the beach to play with the dogs. As you can see from the pictures the dogs love the beach.

Lucy our gorgeous collie

Lucy on the beach at Scrabster near Thurso, Caithness.

Posie our gorgeous Parsons Jack Russell

Posie on the beach at Scrabster.

Posie our gorgeous Parsons Jack Russell

Lucy waiting for her ball to be thrown.

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Jip our collie

Jip trying to make his ball move - using mind over matter

The collies

The collies with Jip doing his play bow

The collies

The collies with Jip watching his ball

Lucy our collie

Lucy with her ball


Posie with her ball and needing a haircut