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Pet Friendly Holidays

Dogs are part of the family and some of the best holiday memories can be of happy times with pets, walking and playing with them on a beach, or taking them for long countryside walks, or simply sharing time together without the stress of a busy work schedule. If you also have children then having happy memories of holidays shared with your pets can be so important for you and your family in future times.

On a Dog website we know how important holidays with pets are and have had many holidays with our dogs over the years, we now have lovely memories and photographs of our dogs on holiday and continue to enjoy time with our dogs that now share our lives. We know how difficult it can be to find holiday accommodation that allow pets to stay, we hope you find our dog website useful to find your pet friendly holiday.

Holidays with a dog

Dogs love holidays - dog swimming in the water with water toy

Somerset for Holidays

Somerset dog friendly holidays

Visit Somerset and explore the Exmoor National Park, wonderful sandy beaches, wildlife sanctuary’s for bird and nature watching, coastal walks and beautiful rural landscapes. Somerset's rich historical background provides you with many tourist attractions for you to visit and see, in an area remarkably rural with picture postcard farms, small villages and coastal towns.

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

Picture of Somerset and holiday accommodation in Somerset

Beach holidays in Norfolk

Norfolk Broads

Norfolk Dog Friendly Holidays

Norfolk dog friendly holidays

Norfolk is a wonderful holiday destination for people who love beautiful rural landscapes, historic towns, villages, castles and historic houses. You can explore castles, historic houses and gardens, along with landscapes rich in wild flowers and wildlife.

While Norfolk has outstanding sandy beaches, coastal walks, and seaside holiday resorts, it is known best for the Norfolk Broads. This man made environment of canals and lakes is perfect for a relaxing boat holiday. Many of the boats for hire allow dogs on the holiday craft.

Throughout Norfolk you will find dog friendly accommodation to suit most people’s needs, from cottages that can sleep 12 persons, to cosy log cabins with private hot tubs and barbeques.

Holidays in Norfolk

Picture over Lincoln Castle from Lincoln Cathedral in Lincolnshire.

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincolnshire Dog Friendly Holidays

Lincolnshire dog friendly holidays - Lodges

Lincolnshire has several holiday destinations along the coastline including Skegness with the neighbouring coastal resorts of Chapel St Leonards and Ingoldmells, where you stay in the well-known holiday parks with leisure activities, beaches and shops.

Lincolnshire has a long and rich history and there are many towns with castles and historical houses to visit including Lincoln Castle and the Magna Carta exhibition.

The National Trust Properties has several properties in Lincolnshire, with an NT annual family membership pass you can visit all of these properties and gardens while discovering the hidden delights of Lincolnshire.

Holidays in Lincolnshire

Dog Friendly Holidays

Surfing dog

Beach holidays with a dog

Beach Holidays with a Dog

Beach holidays with a dog bring some of the best memories as most dogs just love being on the beach. While a beach holiday with a dog may not be ideal if you are staying in holiday accommodation as most dogs manage to carry sand back home with them, it also gets everywhere in the car.

If you are used to taking your pets on beaches to walk or play you probably already accept that you will have a problem with sand and have either accepted this, or come up with a strategy to keep it to a minimum.

By drying your dog with a towel, walking them until they dry out and the sand can be easily brushed off, having a dog crate in the car or in the house until the sand falls off. We take several old blankets and towels on holiday to help keep our pets comfortable and dry.

Dog holidays in the Scottish Highlands

Dogs in Cars

For most dogs a trip in the car is a great experience and they just love going places, for other dogs it is a miserable time and either anxiety or other issues gives them a less than pleasant time in the vehicle. If your pet has anxiety or is prone to travel sickness it is better to discuss this with your veterinary practice to choose the best solution for them. Ideally you should start preparing your dog for a long journey by getting them used to being in your car, making car trips fun (to a forest walk for example) and not just to the vets which may not be the best memories for your dog. Build up good memories of going places they enjoy.

If your dog does suffer genuine travel sickness then medication is available to reduce the symptoms from your vet, or online. You can also help by withholding food before a long journey and by keeping your dog in a position in the car that stops them looking out of the side windows. You may find that a car dog carrier is helpful as well as a dog seat belt.

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Dogs and Car Safety

Keeping your dog out of the front of the vehicle is very important and most car insurance policies will be void if the dog causes a distraction and you have a car accident. To ensure that you do not have any problems with the law in the country you are driving in we recommend that a physical barrier is put between the dog and the driver, a car dog guard is one of the easiest methods to keep you legal, safe and insured while travelling with your dog in the car. Many people find that having their dogs in the rear area of the car is best and a dog guard can keep your dog safely in the car. An alternative is to use a dog travel carrier which allows you to control when your dog gets out of the vehicle when you stop when you open the rear door or boot.

When travelling with a dog always make sure they have access to water, and give them adequate toilet breaks. If possible take them for short walks on a lead (as you do not want your dog to run off while on a journey) every couple of hours. Never leave dogs in a car alone even in cloudy weather as cars can quickly overheat within minutes, this will cause stress in your animals and in some cases your pet can die from overheating.

Dog on a beach