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Free Promotional Jigsaws for your website

If you run a dog friendly website we will be happy to create a free jigsaw puzzle for your website. Just e-mail us and let us know your website and send us some pictures (as large as possible) and we will see what we can do.

We can't promise to do this for everyone, so please don't get offended if we can't promote your website - there is only so many hours in the day and we do our best to squeeze every minute out of it ... I am sure you know what I mean. If we create a jigsaw for you will will even put it on our website for you to link to, if that is, you don't have enough space on your own website (these files are fairly large to download and they can eat up your bandwidth). We use a dedicated server from and don't have to worry about this.

Acorn Dog Training is our first "customer" and we have created three jigsaw puzzles for Fran, we hope you like the jigsaws and Fran's website!

Acorn Dog Training Free Promotional Jigsaw Puzzles Click the photo for a larger collage picture

We have now realised that our downloadable jigsaw puzzles are not compatable with Windows Vista so we are removing them until we get updates jigsaw making software that is also suitable for Vista.

A few of our own free online jigsaw puzzles

Dogs love holidays spaniels love holidays Dog on holiday Dogs love the beach Terrier jigsaw

Sam our best dog Charlie Scottish Collie Collie on beach One the beach Collie

I hope you have enjoyed these fun jigsaws. It would be great if you would send me your pet pictures and I will try and add them to this dog website. If you have a dog or pet website or blog then e-mail me your website details and I will see if we can mention it, as usual only child and family friendly websites will be listed. Just e-mail me webmaster [at] and include a couple of nice pictures of your dog or pet as well.

Send your pictures to be made into an online and downloadable jigsaw to:

Webmaster [at]

Or to leave us a comment just use our contact form