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Books are a brilliant way to give someone a present and also as a treat for yourself.

Buying a book is a great way to learn more about a subject and when you consider getting a pet then learning how to look after them is extremely important.

So before you go out and get a dog or other pet, learn about them by reading books on the dog breed involved, how to look after a puppy and how to train and look after your dog.

Another good idea is to go along to dog training classes (yes BEFORE you get the puppy or dog) and you will find out how to look after your dog from day one. It is easier to train your puppy with the correct method to start with than to try and get it to re-learn after picking up bad habits from you.

If you a lucky to re-home a dog from an rescue centre then knowing how to deal with the dog that may be insecure will also be of a great benefit. Re-homing a dog or other animal is very rewarding and having done it ourselves we know how much love dogs give to their new "owners". Dogs that have been re-homed may also need more love, attention and knowledge in dealing with behavioural problems and while you can learn a lot from books, we also recommend taking your new dog to doggy training classes as this will help you learn how to look after your dog. It is a lot more fun having a well behaved dog that you know will respond to your commands - this helps keep your dog safe when out walking and makes it a more enjoyable experience.

We know what is like having a "rascal" (our dog Sam) and having a dog that has been trained correctly from the start (our Collie Charlie).

We hope you find books on the subject you are interested in - just remember that Amazon has over a million books to choose from, so click on our Amazon links and search for the book you want and get it at a great priced from Amazon, a name in online shopping you can trust.

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