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Sussex Dog Training

West Chiltington Cavaliers dog club provides dog training for all dog breeds throughout the year and places are offered on a first come first served basis.

The training courses are held in the Church Hall and separate classes are held for puppies and adult dogs. Visit the Sussex club dog training page for more details of times, cost and dates.

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Dog Trainers

If you are a dog trainer and use gentle pet friendly training methods then we will be happy to list you on our dog site. Just e-mail us or send us a message - please provide details of your website and contact details you would like used. Please note we only list people using dog friendly modern training methods - no harsh dog training used under any circumstances.

If you operate in the United States, Canada or elsewhere we also have other dog & pet websites that may be more appropriate (with a .com address) for you.

West Chiltington Dog Training & Dog Trainers

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