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Pet Friendly Cottages for pet friendly holidays with a dog

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Luxury dog bed

Luxury heated dog bed


Dog Kennels


Plastic or a wood dog kennel? plastic kennels need little maintenance, just a wash down occassionally, while wood kennels do require treatment every so often with a pet safe wood treatment. The larger kennels tend to be wood so if you want a kennel to house two dogs you probably need to buy a good quality wood dog kennel.

Igloo Dog Kennel

Igloo Dog Kennel

The Indigo Igloo Dog Kennel from Petmate is fully insulated and has a porch area which allows the dog a greater area to sleep in. The shape of the dog kennel allows for greater circulation whilst remaining warm in winter and cool in summer.

Luxury Dog Kennel - Double

Luxury Double Dog Kennel


Wood Dog Kennel with Apex Roof.

Traditional Dog Kennel

Traditional Dog Kennel for a larger dog

Wooden Pitched Roof Dog Kennel Large

Wooden Pitched Roof Dog Kennel Large

Fabric Folding Dog Home

Fabric Folding Dog Home

Dog Kennel Run

Champion Box Low Profile Dog Kennel Run

Kennel Run

5 x 5 feet Kennel Run

Champion Dog Kennel

10 x 5 x 6 feet high Champion Dog Run

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Store 'n' Feed Dog Feeding Station Adjustable dog diners


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