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Fortunately our own dogs do not require regular hair clipping, yet occasionally our collie does need to have tangled hair mats removed and this does involve the use of scissors (it would be easier with electric hair clippers). Many dog breeds do require "hair cuts" and most people will use an experienced pet care professional for cutting and styling their dog's hair.

If you are patient you can do this yourself and save some money in the process. It is easier to get your dog used to an electric hair trimmer than using scissors, just remember strange noises can often upset your pet so just gradually introduce them to the electric clipper, make a bit fuss over them and give them a treat after using the clipper.

If you decide to cut your own dogs hair always be very careful that you do not injure your pet, especially when using scissors to cut off tangled hair mats under the tail. We tend to put our fingers between the scissors and our dogs skin just to be sure that we do not nick the dogs skin.

Wahl Multi Cut Mains Dog Clipper Set

Mains Dog Clippers have the advantage of never needing replacement batteries or re-charging. They tend to be more powerful than battery operated trimmers.

Battery Pet Trimmer

Battery Pet Trimmer

Battery operated animal trimmer. Useful for trimming face, ears and paws. Using a battery operated trimmer gives you more flexability to get to akward places without the danger of getting the cable caught up.

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