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Dogs love to have somewhere comfortable to sleep or simply to laze about. Our dogs also like their dog bed for a place to jump in and eat a treat.

We bought dog beds for our dogs after using a home made "dog bed" for several years, the advantage of a manufactured dog bed is that they are often designed to be easily cleaned, usually with the outer cover being removed and washed in a washing machine. Another factor is that they are attractive, they look nice and are often colourful and fun.

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What to look for in a dog bed:

Easily cleaned with an outer cover that can be removed and washed separately.

A comfortable mattress or filling with plenty of padding so that your dog will enjoy using the bed.

Make sure that the bed is big enough for your dog, yet not too big especially for smaller dogs.

Buying a Dog Bed

Dog beds

Why Buy Online?

By buying online you have access to millions of products available through the Amazon marketplace. Thousands of suppliers and companies sell through Amazon so you get a great choice and very competitive prices.

Delivery can be free when purchased directly from Amazon and very competitive when buying from a third party supplier. Always check the delivery price before payment.

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What to look for:

Look out for a great price, while the cheapest is not always the best you can see the ratings provided by customers for marketplace orders. When you buy direct from Amazon you can be sure of a great service.


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