Scrambled Eggs using our own Free Range Eggs

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Scrambled Eggs using our own Free Range Eggs

Scrambled eggs

A plate of scrambled eggs on toast. We use about three eggs per person, beat them with a fork for 2-3 minutes and then add them to a stick proof wok that has had butter melted in it. Add salt and pepper to taste. We tend to add Knorr Aromat as it gives an extra taste to the scrambled eggs. Remember to put on toast as the eggs only need about 2 minutes to cook, using a wooden spoon to gradually mix the beaten eggs until it is a lovely light scrambled egg. Have it for breakfast, lunch or supper - remember to use organic free range eggs (or at least Free Range Eggs), or better still keep your own chickens.


Is this what you call product placement for Knorr, I just wish they would pay me for it!

Eggs for breakfast using free range eggs